Style File: What I Wore On 106 & Park…

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It was my sixth time as a fashion panelist for 106 & Park’s ‘Style File’. Excited is a complete understatement. And for the special occasion (because it’s special each and every time I’m called back! There are thousands of fashion editors out there, and they have chosen me time and time again, I’m so humbled!) I chose a little color with Confetti’s Swedish Bomber, Zara’s new ripped jeans and The Air-Jordan 2′s.

Did I nail it?


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They Play Too Much: K. Michelle & Keyshia Cole – Loyal (Remix)

The crazy thing is… It ain’t that bad.


In the spirit of TRUE internet Shenanigans, both Keyshia Cole & K. Michelle (respectively) have challenged the Prince of the Light skin revolution, (Yes Drake is the KING, please don’t act like you forgot!) to a duel!

The Youtube Gods, have mashed the two remixes together ….

Chris says Tomato, They say TOE-MAH-TOE! 

Take a listen …